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    Your local dealer knows your Hitachi machine inside out – from every component under the engine cover to every inch of the cab. Their service technicians have the tools and expertise to ensure you get the most from your equipment. This is thanks to the training we provide for our dealers at our state-of-the-art facilities in Amsterdam or closer to home at one of their depots.

    With immediate access to Hitachi know-how, your highly skilled local service team can be trusted to maintain your machine to a superior standard. Using a variety of resources, they can quickly identify and solve issues before problems occur on the job site. They can also help to develop the skills of your operators by providing theory-based and practical training.

    Why use technical support and training?

    Peace of mind for the working life of your fleet

    Combined with other links in the Hitachi Support Chain after-sales programme, technical support gives you peace of mind for the working life of your fleet.

    Rely on the company who built it

    When it comes to servicing your Hitachi construction machinery, who better to rely on than the company and the people who built it?

    Ryspek Baizhanov, Turkuaz Machinery Project Manager

    Only your authorised local Hitachi dealer has the diagnostic tools and product expertise to keep your machine in optimum condition. “When the machinery is supplied, our specialist trainer helps to develop operators’ skills – in theory and out on site,” says Turkuaz Machinery Project Manager Ryspek Baizhanov.

    Техническая поддержка Hitachi

    Our dedicated Training and Demonstration Centre at Amsterdam offers professional training for members of your local dealer’s service team. The training sessions give them access to the same technical knowledge available to the global Hitachi quality assurance departments and design centres.

    They can then apply this knowledge and expertise to your machine during service inspections and routine maintenance, to offer you the highest level of after-sales support. Regular training updates ensure they keep up to speed with the latest developments.

    Technical support is one of the vital links of the Hitachi Support Chain after-sales programme. This also includes Global e-Service, extended warranty and service contracts (Hitachi Extended Life Program or HELP), and Hitachi Parts. Collectively, these elements will ensure optimum efficiency, minimal downtime, reduced running costs and a high resale value for your Hitachi machine.

    For more information on training and technical support (including diagnostics, routine maintenance and repairs, warranty support and parts supplies), please contact your local dealer.

    Hitachi Support Chain

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