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    Our ConSite data report service sends you a monthly email to summarise the information available on Global e-Service for each of your Hitachi machines. It includes a detailed analysis of operational data, ratios and hours, so you can see how productive and efficient your machines have been in the past month. All the information from the report is stored in the Owner’s Site as well, for easy reference.

    Daily working hours and fuel consumption are highlighted in a colour-coded calendar format. You’ll also receive monthly statistics on the operating mode ratio, highlighting a comparison with the previous month for fuel consumption and efficiency, as well as CO2 emissions.

    Further into the ConSite report, you’ll see non-operation and swing efficiency ratings and ratios. These compare the machine’s performance against the same model class from all Hitachi owners in your region.

    The monthly and total number of hours are divided for front, swing, travel and attachment operations. This will help you to determine the actual usage of your machine and maintenance planning.

    The monthly analysis of these variables is compared to the total lifetime of the machine in a user-friendly chart. A line graph shows the actual and projected number of hours, which helps you to manage maintenance requirements.

    Cервис формирования автоматических отчетов о работе техники Hitachi ConSite
    Сервис Hitachi ConSite

    ConSite can also help you in the unlikely event of a fault. It will send you and your authorised Hitachi dealer an emergency alarm report, so you can both respond quickly in order to minimise unscheduled downtime.

    We created ConSite to improve your business operations, and enable you to analyse the productivity and efficiency of your equipment. The information it provides on machine usage is intended to help you with maintenance planning and also promotes proactive support from your dealer. Ultimately, it provides you with confidence in your Hitachi construction equipment and peace of mind to focus on other areas of your business.

    Why use ConSite?

    Jason Strudwick,
    TJ Group Operations Manager

    TJ Group Operations Manager Jason Strudwick says, “At the click of a button, I know what each machine has done that month. We have the knowledge at our fingertips.”

    John Gosling,
    Managing Director of TJ Group

    “ConSite means lower running costs over the lifetime of each Hitachi machine,” says John Gosling, Managing Director of TJ Group.

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