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  • Our ultra-large excavators are already renowned for their reliability, but with Hitachi Genuine Ground Engaging Tools (GET), you can expect even greater productivity from your mining fleet.

    Manufactured from high-grade steel and tested to the same high standards as all Hitachi construction equipment, our GET are specifically engineered for hard rock mining applications. They improve penetration and enhance the overall digging power of your Hitachi excavator.

    Available for the ZX890-6 and EX1200-6 to EX3600-6 models, the GET range features a unique patented side lock system. This hammerless locking system results in greater safety, thanks to the ease of installation and removal. It also reduces the time required for fitting replacements, minimising downtime and lowering your maintenance costs.

    From lip, wing and heel shrouds, to adapters and corner adapters, Hitachi GET cover all parts of mining excavator buckets. You can choose from five types of reversible teeth to suit your mining operation, from general purpose to heavy-duty options.

    Ideal for shale and clay, the Sabre Tooth ensures maximum sharpness and wear life. If your excavators work with sand or blasted materials, the Long Penetration type is an excellent choice. Designed for heavy and high-impact conditions, the Rock Penetration teeth have the best all-round point design. In extremely rocky environments, the Heavy Penetration teeth can achieve maximum productivity. Xtra Penetration is used in compacted clay, unweathered soil and heavy frost conditions.

    Оригинальное землеройное оборудование (GET) Hitachi
    Hitachi GET для горных экскаваторов

    Genuine buckets for mining and quarrying are also available with the GET range and customised wear packages. Using some of the most advanced steel materials in the world, they are designed to protect and maximise the lifespan of your equipment.

    Whatever your requirements and applications, our Genuine buckets can withstand the world’s toughest environments. Thanks to the use of high-yield structural grade steel, abrasion-resistant grade steel and chromium carbide, they will enhance your machine’s durability and reduce wear.

    Why use Hitachi Genuine GET?

    Hitachi Genuine GET improve safety – the hammerless locking system enables simple installation and removal. Hex-head cap screws ensure the most secure tooth retention possible.

    Giving your excavator greater digging power with Hitachi Genuine GET will make it more productive.

    To find out more about Hitachi Genuine GET and how they can boost the performance of your mining excavators, please contact your local dealer.

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