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  • Genuine Hitachi Parts

    What makes your machine a Hitachi? The answer is all of the Hitachi Genuine Parts it consists of, inside and out – each an example of our unrivalled experience in manufacturing, engineering and technology, and guaranteed to ensure your machine performs to the highest possible standard.

    Our range of Hitachi Genuine Parts includes oil and fuel filters, and Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and buckets for ultra-large excavators. They can help to increase the productivity of your machine, minimise downtime and reduce your maintenance costs.

    Why use Hitachi Genuine Parts

    Dan O’Brien,
    Director Skyland Drainage Contractors

    “We source parts for our Hitachi excavators from Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK), which is reasonable with pricing and quick to deliver,” says Skyland Drainage Contractors Director Dan O’Brien.

    Peter David,
    Head of Machines & Planning

    “We use Hitachi filters because of the undoubted quality,” says Peter David, Head of Machines & Planning at Heros Sluiskil.

    Hitachi filters

    Using Hitachi filters will not only keep your machine exceptionally clean, but will also make its engine and hydraulic components last longer. The superior quality of Hitachi genuine filters also gives you peace of mind that your warranty will remain valid.

    You’ll benefit from cost savings through less downtime, greater productivity on the job site and a higher resale value when you come to replace your Hitachi machine.

    Hitachi Performance Parts

    If your machines work in demanding environments, using Hitachi Performance Parts can help to increase their durability and give them a longer life span, as well as enhance their performance.

    The specifically engineered range includes a variety of products. A fuel cap with padlock provides additional security and peace of mind. The powerful LED working lights enable your machine to operate from early in the morning until late at night. And high-quality seat covers and floor mats, designed to fit Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders perfectly, will keep the cab in excellent condition.

    Hitachi Performance Parts are despatched from our dedicated European Parts Depot in The Netherlands within 24 hours.

    Фильтры Hitachi
    Оригинальное землеройное оборудование (GET) Hitachi

    Hitachi GET

    GET are available for the ZX890-6 and EX1200-6 to EX3600-6 models. Tested to the same high standards as all Hitachi construction equipment, they are specifically engineered for hard rock mining and quarrying applications. They enhance the overall digging power of your Hitachi excavator.

    Manufactured from high-grade steel, the range includes lip, wing and heel shrouds, adaptors and corner adaptors, and five types of reversible teeth to suit your particular activity. Thanks to a unique hammerless side lock system, they are easy and safe to install and remove. Less time is needed to fit replacements, which helps to minimise downtime and lower your maintenance costs.

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